Turn your smartphone into a lifeguard.

The SARMOB app will detect a man overboard situation, alarm and guide you back to the MOB position.

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Being a responsible skipper has just been made a lot simpler. SARMOB is an app that turns a group of smart phones into an automatic man over-board alarm system. All you need to do is to start the app, connect your crew and carry your phone in your pocket. SARMOB works without a mobile network, without extra hardware, and is free in use.



Start the SARMOB app when boarding your boat. Keep your smartphone in your pocket during your journey. SARMOB will now keep an eye on your crew. A Man Over-board situation will be detected, all crewmembers will be alarmed and SARMOB will even help you find your crew.


SARMOB utilises the smart phone's built in features to detect a mob situation and help you navigate back to the position where the accident happened. All members will have access to the navigational information, both numeric and graphically. SARMOB works independently of the mobile network, generates no datatraffic and is free in use. SARMOB requires no extra hardware, although we recommend a waterproof bag for your smart phone.

SARMOB has been testet on a range of units. Battery life on iPhone is approx. 10 hours, iPad 40 hours. The in-group radio range will vary due to level of radio noise and physical obstructions in the vicinity. Typical range 20 meters. Newer items give wider range. In case you accidentally leave SARMOB or do anything unexpected with the app, you can always restart SARMOB and pick up the MOB position from the MOB history list.